Booty Bandit

Booty Bandit
This 30-minute class focuses on that booty using resistance bands and your own body weight! Set to a beat bumping playlist back in our yoga studio, this is the perfect addition to your weekly routine!

Journey Ride

90 Min Journey Ride

Monthly Unlimited

Monthly Unlimited
This series will automatically renew each month on the date of purchase unless we're notified 15 days in advance of series renewing.
$130.00 /month

Standard Series

New Member Series
Become a part of our pack with this 3 class series; expires 14 days from purchase.
single class
First Class
First Class ride includes a free shoe rental {$3 value}. Must arrive AT LEAST 15 minutes prior to class to ensure enough time for shoe rental and proper bike setup.
5 Classes
10 Classes

Gift Cards

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